Poll Shows Slight Majority of Americans Will Likely NOT Get Future Jabs, Which Means Far Too Many Still Will

Conservative and alternative media were generally cheering a new poll over the weekend that shows a majority of American adults — just over 52% — say they “probably” or “definitely” will not get the new Covid-19 “vaccines” being pushed by the powers-that-be.

This is nothing to cheer about. It means there are still tens of millions of Americans who DO intend to get jabbed for the 5th or more time. It means journalists like me who have been trying to ring the alarm bell have failed to reach an appropriate number of people with the truth. And perhaps most importantly, it means we are still increasing the danger level for just about every American, not just the ones getting jabbed.

That last point is important. People often tell me that it’s “buyer beware” or “you can’t fix stupid” or “it’s on them.” I disagree. Even if we discount the possibility (likelihood?) that there is a certain degree of shedding that some doctors believe occurs between the vaxxed and the unvaxxed, we cannot ignore the inherent risks associated with more people dying suddenly.

Heart attacks, strokes, and other instantly debilitating medical events have been on the rise since the jabs were first rolled out. It’s telling that the CDC stopped releasing statistics about such events. To those who will tell me “it’s on them,” I would tell part of a story about a relative who nearly died when her 20-something friend had a heart attack while driving on the highway with her in the car. Had the heart attack happened moments earlier when they were going 80 MPH instead of right when they were hitting traffic and only going 35 MPH, then the outcome would have been different.

Do you ever fly on a plane? There are more and more incidents of pilots becoming incapacitated mid-flight. Do you have any medical operations planned in the future? Many of these reported incidents happen during times of physical or mental stress, and hovering over a patient during an operation can be very stressful. Then, there’s the sheer financial weight and reduced efficiencies of a population that is becoming less capable of fulfilling day-to-day duties and keeping the nation afloat.

In other words, I’m not a fan of the people who say it’s not our problem. That’s not to say I want to build an army of truth-tellers going door-to-door trying to sell anti-vaxxer ideologies like a Jehovah’s Witness recruiting for their church. But when I hear that only 52% of American adults are skeptical of the jabs, I feel like we haven’t been loud enough.

Then again, perhaps it’s just because most of us who are promoting the message have websites and shows that are generally right leaning. It seems to be Democrats who are most likely to get jabbed; 24% of Republicans plan on getting another jab compared to 70% of Democrats.

There will be at least one snarky comment about how this might actually make the nation better in the long-term. I won’t go there. I will remind people that the 5-time-jabbed airline pilot on the next plane you board may be a Democrat.

Considering the jabs have failed to stop infections, slow spread, reduce hospitalizations, or prevent deaths, the anti-Covid-vaxx narrative should be an easy one to disseminate. Add in the adverse reactions that are widely known and this should be a slam dunk. You should have plenty of ammunition to convince thrice-infected Aunt Betty that she should hold off on her 6th injection.

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