Political Science_ HHS Tells Hospitals to Stop Reporting Covid Deaths Ahead of Midterms

POLITICAL Science: HHS Tells Hospitals to Stop Reporting Covid Deaths Ahead of Midterms

The plummeting fortunes of the Democrat Party have rendered many progressives apoplectic. They don’t understand why the Biden-Harris regime policies aren’t working or why the Democrat majority on Capitol Hill can’t get anything passed. They see their polling numbers and most are beside themselves, masked and terrified of what’s to come.

But some are still fighting. When backed into a corner, Democrats have a tendency to go to extremes to try to maintain power. The latest move by Health and Human Services appears to be the opening volley in a desperate move to salvage the fortunes of the party ahead of the midterm elections.


It’s no coincidence that the documents telling hospitals to stop reporting Covid-19 deaths were dropped on January 6 when many Americans were busy debunking the wild claims of the left that it was an anniversary of an “insurrection” while a few Americans were getting their daily fix of confirmation bias on CNN or MSNBC. Either way, the news was buried while media was busy covering the non-story of the January 6 mostly peaceful protests.

This was by design.

But some people noticed, and now we’re here to make sure more people know about it. Despite the incessant demands by the regime that every man, woman, and child gets vaccinated to “save lives,” they’re taking the opposite approach with recording the numbers. By telling hospitals not to report deaths, their intention is to make a steady drop in Covid statistics that will artificially point to the regime’s “successful” efforts against the pandemic.

It’s all a lie, of course, but did we expect anything less from a regime that claimed the Afghanistan withdrawal was a success and that we’re in the middle of the greatest economy in world history?