Political Correctness Be Damned — Palestinians and Hamas Are One in the Same

Some people, in an attempt to appear politically correct and accepting, end up on the point of a bayonet, the reality of the error of their ways dawning on them too late.  It comes as no surprise that U.S. college students and elements of the Democrat party are once again siding with the perpetrator (Palestine) instead of the victim.  Both groups consistently side with bad actors. (Note the “LGBTQ+ for Palestine” signs – doesn’t that underscore their ignorance of Palestinian intolerance for alphabet people?)  Much like the Confucius Centers sponsored by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) promote Communist ideas and recruit new Communists on numerous college campuses, so too do the Middle Eastern Cultural Centers (MECCs) on college campuses spread Islam and support anti-Semitic ideas.  College students are now our most brainwashed population, infected with ideas antithetical to freedom.  And given the tell-tale tactics of Antifa being deployed at these protests, I would not be surprised if Antifa is behind some protests.  (They have their historic roots in 1932 Weimar Germany.  Antifaschistische Aktion was founded by the Stalinist-backed Marxist Communist Party of Germany called the KPD).
Many will say, “Well, supporting Palestine is not supporting Hamas.”  Palestinians elected Hamas to rule them.  On October 7th, the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, Palestinians everywhere cheered the attack on Israeli civilians that included rapes, decapitations, burning of babies, and hostage-taking.  Palestinians have done nothing to condemn or remove Hamas from power; they’ve celebrated their actions.  Not everyone in Nazi Germany was in the military, and not everyone in Palestine is a Hamas soldier, but they support Hamas’s actions, and that makes them culpable in this atrocity against an unarmed civilian population.  They’ve not once called for the halting of the thousands of rockets launched toward Israeli civilians for years.  Every member of Hamas is Palestinian and Palestinians see them as their army that supports their ideology of wiping Israel from the map.  Slogans such as “From the River to the Sea” refer to the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, all Israeli territory.  What is taught in Palestinian schools is no different than what Nazis taught German schoolchildren to raise a generation fueled with hatred of Jews.  Germans knew they were doing something wrong and tried to hide it.  Hamas and Palestinians don’t even attempt to hide their atrocities but celebrate them instead.
Don’t buy the “two-state” lie.  Palestinians don’t want a two-state solution.  They were offered land by Israel when Arafat was negotiating peace with Israel.  Arafat refused the offer, saying Palestinians would only be happy when Israel and its Jews were wiped from the map.  If you listen, you will hear that echoed by Palestinians today.
Protesters claim Palestine is occupied.  Gaza is not occupied, and Israel provides the region with many basic resources (electricity, water).  What protesters are referring to is the existence of Israel.  Israel as a modern country was founded in 1948 and settled largely by Jewish survivors of the holocaust on land that historically had been the Jewish homeland. Rome had changed the name of the area to Palestina in 115 AD to remove the name Judea in an attempt to suppress a Jewish uprising against Roman rule.  In 1948, the Muslim nations in the area (which had become Muslim as a result of the Ottoman Empire’s control of the region until it was dissolved after World War I in 1922.), under United Nations pressure, decided if they had to give land back to the Jews, they’d give them the most inarable land in the region so they would starve.  Israelis used new technology and irrigation to make the land flourish. Muslim nations attacked the new nation on its second day of its existence.  Through a series of wars that followed, Muslim nations lost territory to Israel.  Israel has given back land as a means of securing peace, and retained some land as the spoils of war to maintain a security buffer.  To their credit,  Israelis have given material support to the Gaza Strip, only to have that material support, such as pipe for sewer systems, converted to rockets to be launched back at Israeli civilians.  Despite that, Israel welcomes Palestinians to work in Israel every day.
Palestinian Squatting and Agitation. You might ask why Muslim nations in the region are not offering shelter to Palestinians.  Here’s the answer.  All the nations have seen the agitation and unrest that came when Jordan allowed Palestinians to squat in the West Bank.  They never left.  Recently, Lebanon’s Palestinian “refugee” population created so much unrest in the city of Sidon, Lebanon’s third largest city, that the city was off-limits to visitors.  Palestinians were displaced in 1948 and never assimilated into other Muslim nations.  The Muslim nations know this and are not anxious to welcome the Palestinians.  Many view the Palestinians as the Nazis of the Arab world.  By their indoctrination, they are.  But to be clear, in the Middle East, Iran was the best friend of Nazi Germany, changing the name of its country from Persia to Iran, which in Farsi means Aryan, after Hitler’s visit to Persia.
Democrats fuel Hamas.  Biden sent $100 Million to Palestine before offering any assistance to Israel.  Had the U.K.’s Clement Attlee sent money to Nazi Germany in 1939 following the Nazi invasion of Poland, people would have said he was insane.  Biden has essentially done something very similar.  Biden is an idiot if he thinks that will not provide aid and comfort to Israel’s enemy.  And he made this pledge of support while Hamas holds U.S. hostages. (That’s his America Last Policy, again.)  He also unfroze $6 Billion in assets for Iran, which funds Hamas and their cousins Hezbollah in Lebanon.  Hamas fighters carried abandoned U.S. M-4 rifles that Biden left behind in Afghanistan with his disastrous exit from that war.  Rashida Tlaib, a Socialist member of Congress, continues to fly the Palestinian flag in her Congressional office. She’s representing the interest of Palestinians more than she is the Americans who live in her district in Detroit.  Ihan Omar, supported by America when escaping Somalia as a child, now spits on America every chance she gets.  The people of Minnesota’s 5th District and Michigan’s 12th District should investigate the recall of these members of Congress.  Omar and Tlaib define what the Founder’s would call an enemy in our midst. With Democrats as your ally, who needs enemies?
The enemy’s tactics in the public relations war.  Bullies like to hit someone and cry foul if they get hit back harder.  In the coming days, people will whine that Israel’s response should be proportional.  No, it shouldn’t be, it should be massive and overwhelming.  Bad actors gain ground and leverage over peaceful nations when nations are weak in response to attacks.  In the Middle East, only strength is respected.  Israel must fight to win.  The enemy does not get input on Israel’s response.  Nor should U.S. politicians criticize Israel’s response.  Hamas will use mosques, schools, hospitals, and civilians as their shields because when they are hit, the world will criticize Israel for bombing mosques, schools, hospitals, and civilians.  Instead, Hamas should be criticized for its cowardly tactics.
Our blind spot. The U.S.’s Southern and Northern borders are porous.  Cartels are partnered with Middle East terrorists and they are already inside the U.S. as assuredly as Biden is a weak leader. September saw record number of illegal encounters and that does not account for the number who slipped through.  We should consider moving a carrier strike group into the Gulf Of Mexico.  We’re very likely to see an attack here that makes 9/11 look like a cakewalk.  Sealing both borders is not optional.  It is overdue.  Look at Armenia right now.  Look at Somalia.  There are Iranian-sponsored hot spots all over the world.  We’re foolish if we think they’d attack what they call the Little Satan and not attack the Big Satan (their term for the U.S.)
Iran would have far fewer resources if the U.S. was pumping its own oil and Biden was not sending the Iranians U.S. taxpayer money.  It’s time to wake up to what Palestinians really are and the very real threats we as Americans face.