Drones NYC Labor Day

Police State and Surveillance Industrial Complex Test Out Drone Monitoring of the Masses in NYC for Labor Day

Do NOT downplay this news just because very few in conservative and alternative media are talking about it yet. My search through over 250 sites on my feed revealed only Reclaim The Net (article below), Infowars, and Zero Hedge have mentioned it. Oddly, corporate media is talking about it profusely and framing it in a positive light. I’m hopeful more conservative and alternative media will pick it up over the weekend.

Surveillance drones are being deployed by the New York City Police Department over Labor Day weekend to monitor “large gatherings” of people in their own backyards. That statement alone should send chills down all of our spines but I imagine most will just shake our head because news like this is no longer shocking. But our complacency is misplaced; they are normalizing the police state before our eyes.

This goes far beyond crime prevention, especially in a city that ignores actual crimes and releases violent criminals incessantly. If this was happening in Provo, Utah, or Great Falls, Montana, I’d mark it down as an overzealous police force forgetting our right to privacy. After all, drone technology offers benefits for fighting real crime when applied right. But this is New York City where crimes go unpunished. That tells us this is a move to do two very important things for the Globalist Elite Cabal’s agenda.

First, this is part of the aforementioned normalization of the police state. They want us to expect Big Brother to be there, just barely out of reach, so even the most freedom-loving among us start to accept that we’re always being watched. Just as many patriotic Americans masked up on their way to get jabbed even though they didn’t really want to do either, so too will many Americans reluctantly accept this type of surveillance if they’re exposed to it enough.

In other words, this move and similar ones like it are shifting the Overton Window so things that were anathema in the recent past will be expected and even accepted in the near future.

The second thing this does for the Globalist Elite Cabal is act as a test run for totalitarian measures. We are experiencing creeping tyranny in the United States, but soon it will no longer be creeping. They are accelerating their plans and imposing more dystopian policies on us every day. Some of it makes the news. Most of it does not. This is why I put so much effort into managing news aggregators like The Liberty Daily and Discern Report. I can’t write every story, but thankfully there are others out there writing about important topics already.

Here is the article from Reclaim The Net with some of the details. Let’s get this information out to our friends and family. The news about the drones is bad enough, but the bigger story to me is that so few are speaking out against it. Sound off about it on my Substack.

New York Police To Deploy Drones To Monitor Labor Day Weekend Parties

The NYPD’s announcement to deploy drones as uninvited guests at private backyard gatherings this weekend continues to ignite a heated debate over personal freedom and privacy, a treacherous line that government authorities seem keen to cross as much as possible.

Responding to complaints about large gatherings over the upcoming Labor Day celebrations, Assistant NYPD Commissioner Kaz Daughtry stated drones will come into play if “a large crowd, a large party in a backyard” gets reported.

This shocking move showcases a worrying amount of overreach from the authorities, prompting criticism from privacy advocates and citizens who know the value of freedoms.

Indeed, it does feel as though we are living a dystopian Sci-Fi narrative with these police surveillance revelations. Is Mayor Eric Adams endorsing an eerie future where our every movement is monitored from the sky?

Alarmingly, the NYPD seems to be coy about disclosing their drone policies. A request for comment from Mayor Adams only received links to laid-back guidelines for private drone operations in the city. Is this preparation for when these silent observers become more commonplace in the urban skies?

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