Police Believe Anti-White Sign Posted at Popeyes in Missouri Was NOT Placed by Employees

Police Believe Anti-White Sign Posted at Popeyes in Missouri Was NOT Placed by Employees

There is plenty of anti-White racism rising in the United States. It gets widely suppressed by mainstream media, leaving only conservative and local media to report on it. This is why it is so important for those of us spreading the truth about the Cultural Marxists infecting our nation to be as direct and honest as possible when reporting it.

A headline crossed my feed today that drew my intention, as it was intended to. It read, “Popeyes store under criminal investigation after posting sign saying, �Will reserve the right to refuse service to white people.�” While technically correct, the headline is misleading. The Popeyes restaurant in Missouri IS under criminal investigation, but police have determined it is very unlikely the store employees were involved in placing the sign there. This appears to be an act of vandalism which the headline does not indicate. The lede was buried below the “Read More” button on the story.

From the article:

According to�KTVI-TV, Lake Saint Louis police said that they believe someone may have erected the sign “unbeknownst to the business” and added that the sign could be related to an act of vandalism that took place at the store earlier in May. The vandalism, according to Lt. Pat Doering of the Lake Saint Louis Police Department, said that the vandalism included shattered glass and obscene messages painted on the restaurant’s drive-thru menu.

A statement from the department said, “We are currently working and investigating a trespassing and possibly a related vandalism case which occurred at Popeyes located at 6475 Ronald Reagan Drive in Lake Saint Louis. Earlier this month, several drive through menu signs were spray-painted. Today, unknown subjects posted an inappropriate sign on the drive-thru window, unbeknownst to the business.”

With so many Americans focused on “news bites,” as I like to call it, they will often read a couple of paragraphs or even just the headline itself and spread the message to those in their circle. I am a huge fan of The Blaze, but this story disappointed because the headline and first few paragraphs make it appear that someone at the store, possibly “General Manager Mason,” was making the declaration as a legitimate message from the business.

The store was forced to close down on Wednesday over the outcry.

Just as we must (and do) call out the many race hoaxes perpetrated by persons of color who are trying to stir up the rising racial divide in America, so too must we be truthful when discussing race hoaxes like this that appear to go in the other direction.

A store has been closed, at least temporarily, for a race hoax perpetrated against them and the reactionary social media outcry that came from it. Conservative media must be in the business of spreading the truth in instances like these.