Gary Hahn

Play-by-Play Announcer Mentions “Illegal Aliens in El Paso” During Broadcast and Gets Indefinitely Suspended

Despite the Biden-Harris regime and the wokesters in corporate media coming up with rosy names for the people invading our southern border in droves, we stick with the proper Trump-era term “illegal aliens.” It’s the most accurate characterizations since the word “migrants” does not indicate their presence as being illegal and “illegal immigrants” conflates them with those who have entered this nation lawfully. As for anything that uses the word “undocumented,” that’s just woke wordplay.

A play-by-play announcer covering a college football bowl game referenced the appropriate term “illegal aliens” on-air and has been suspended indefinitely. According to The Blaze:

Radio broadcaster Gary Hahn has been indefinitely suspended after mentioning “illegal aliens” during a broadcast. While covering Duke’s Mayo Bowl on Friday, Hahn gave the score of the Sun Bowl, saying that “amongst all the illegal aliens” in El Paso, the game stood at UCLA with 14 and Pittsburgh with 6.

Was Hahn making a political statement? Absolutely. Was it appropriate? Yep. Sports announcers invoke woke terminology regularly on-air with no repercussions. If anything, they get kudos from fawning fellow media. Hahn used an accurate term that counters the open borders narrative embraced by the woke so he is being punished.

Imagine if we leftists could take the outrage they feel about someone using “insensitive” words and channel it to outrage over the invasion at our southern border. Perhaps then we could end the national suicide of dismissed sovereignty.