Plandemic Bombshell: China Started Stockpiling PPE Months BEFORE Covid Bioweapon Release

Over the last two years, China has been accused of hoarding various items conspicuously ahead of shortages. For example, they started hoarding over half of the world’s supply of grains two years before the current food crisis that’s spreading across the globe. But arguably the most damning evidence that they at least know about and may be directly involved with the various crises the world faces is their stockpiling of personal protective equipment (PPE) several months BEFORE the first indication that Covid-19 was in the wild.

According to The Telegraph:

China began severely restricting the export of personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gowns and masks, months before notifying the world of the outbreak of Covid-19, it has emerged.

PPE exports to the US fell by around 50 per cent between August and September of 2019, in a significant drop which raised alarm bells at key US government agencies. China also started to buy up global PPE stocks in Europe, Australia and the US around the same time, experts said.

The fall in PPE supplies exiting China, the world’s biggest manufacturer of PPE, raises new questions about the true timeline of the emergence of SARS-CoV-2. An altered timeline would significantly challenge the theory that the pandemic originated from a seafood market in Wuhan, where the first cases emerged in December 2019.

Did they know about it earlier, or did they plan it? That’s the real question. For them to have started stockpiling PPE in August in response to detection would mean they would have discovered the novel coronavirus (it didn’t have a name in 2019) weeks if not months earlier. But there’s a major flaw in that theory. As good as the Chinese Communist Party is at keeping secrets, a disease as easily spreadable as Covid-19 couldn’t have gone completely undetected by the rest of the world for six months.

That brings us to theory two, which is the notion that they planned its release or at least knew the release was coming. The simple answer is to assume they were planning on releasing it as a bioweapon, and that jibes with everything else we know. At the time, President Trump was eating their lunch politically and the United States was soaring economically. If the Chinese Communist Party felt they needed something to even the playing field, Covid could have been it.

There is, of course, the third option. What if they didn’t release it directly but were aware of it? Or what if they released it while coordinating with other entities? They could have developed it and outside forces could have coopted it in exchange for promises to get rid of Donald Trump and tank the U.S. economy. The World Economic Forum and Council for Inclusive Capitalism seem like ideal partners for the CCP in such a scenario. This, too, jibes with everything we know.

I know we’re getting into pretty wild conspiracy theories, but if there’s one thing we’ve learned the last couple of years it’s that “wild” conspiracy theories are probably close to the truth. Sometimes, these “wild” conspiracy theories are spot-on. And considering the stolen 2020 election, the subsequent decimation of western economies, and a possible resurgence of Pandemic Panic Theater, it seems very possible that China’s foreknowledge of Covid-19 prompted them to stockpile PPE.

Why else would the world’s largest exporter of PPE by far not only dramatically cut their own exports but also start importing as much as they could from other countries? In short, they at least knew and may have had a hand in the release of the bioweapon.

The Telegraph continues [emphasis added]:

The anomaly was uncovered by former US government officials including Dr Tom McGinn, a Senior Health Advisor at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and Colonel John Hoffman, a Senior Research Fellow with the Food Protection and Defence Institute whose career spans decades in US government and military.

The pair were unconvinced that the virus had started at the Wuhan Wet Market in December 2019, after and began looking for an alternative theory. After scouring a Customs and Border Protection database which tracks goods entering the US, they noticed China had started hoarding PPE far earlier than the initial date of the outbreak.

“You can go and look about three years back [at import data]”, said Colonel Hoffman. “This is not the normal up and down that occurs”

The pair presented the information to DHS’s Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Office, which declined to investigate, saying the drop reflected normal supply fluctuations. However when Col Hoffman contacted one of America’s biggest hospital networks, HCA Healthcare, the organisation confirmed it was highly unusual.

Did the United States government {or more specifically the Deep State within the United States government) know about this as well? Declining to investigate something so damning seems to point a finger at Deep State interference. It’s like the FBI declining to investigate Hunter Biden’s laptop in 2019. When the Deep State doesn’t want their plans revealed, they drop any references to them in the memory hole and prompt their corporate media puppets to aggressively ignore them.

Yes, this all stinks. Yes, this is almost certainly tied to a global conspiracy. And yes, it would appear the release of the Covid-19 bioweapon had a lot more hands stirring the pot than just the Chinese Communist Party.

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