Bill Gates

Plandemic 3 — The Truth About Bill Gates

No matter how much you think you hate about billionaire depopulationist and eugenicist Bill Gates, chances are you’ll glean something new from this video by Mikki Willis. The producer of the “Plandemic” movie series took on the billionaire in this short but provocative mini-documentary. Set aside a little time and watch this…

Never forget that the vast majority of humans are good. Also never forget that the bad ones always disguise themselves as compassionate saviors. They often launder their crimes behind the veil of benevolently branded charities and organizations. One of the architects of this deceitful racket is Mr. Bill Gates, whose own wife left him after learning the dark details of his ties with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Together we can expose and stop greedy monopolists like Mr. Gates. Please watch and share the Real Bill far and wide!

– Mikki Willis