. . . Physical Precious Metals Stored at Home, Backing Your Retirement . . . or Both?

Inflation, recession, banking collapse, central bank digital currencies, and threats of war are just the most pressing economic issues facing Americans today. There are others, but any single one of the risks we’re facing could decimate us today and in the future.

This is why so many Americans are moving wealth and retirement to physical precious metals. The question we often get is whether Americans should store their metals at home or if they should use them to back a self-directed IRA. Both options have merits. It really comes down to deciding what’s best for you.

I’ll go over the reasons to choose either or both options below, but it behooves us all for me to mention the company we proudly endorse. The Liberty Daily strongly recommends Ira Bershatsky, Our Gold Guy, for purchasing physical precious metals for three reasons:

  • Unlike most gold companies that won’t return your call for under tens of thousands of dollars, Ira’s company has a low minimum of $2500.
  • Ira does not try to upsell you on numismatics or the various “special” or “rare” coins that other companies push. He deals with bullion because it allows him to help you get as much gold or silver as possible.
  • It benefits The Liberty Daily when you purchase from Ira. We have declined very lucrative offers to work with literally dozens of gold companies that want access to The Liberty Daily audience and Our Gold Guy is the only one we truly trust.

There are two important reasons many Americans are having bullion shipped discreetly to their homes. The first is obvious. Wealth protection with so much instability in credit markets as well as the uncertainty surround the dollar’s future means it makes sense to have access to real money that doesn’t take up a lot of space. The second reason is in case of economic collapse, gold and silver bullion are likely to retain value in alternative local economies. Save your ammo and food for yourself and your family. Be ready to trade in bullion if the crap hits the fan.

As for retirement accounts, a self-directed IRA backed by bullion is ideal. The Biden-Harris regime just vetoed Congress’s bipartisan attempt to prevent the White House from pushing woke ESG investments onto financial advisors. While we are not financial advisors ourselves and therefore cannot offer investment “advice,” one only needs to read any of the stories we’ve been posting on our site for months to realize millions of Americans’ retirement accounts are at risk. Many of you have already been losing money in your retirement for years. Those who opened self-directed IRAs backed by bullion over the last three years have seen their retirements grow (as long as they worked with someone like Ira, that is).

Those who have wealth and retirement to protect should contact Ira as soon as possible. The Liberty Daily readers will be contacted by the owner of the company, not a 25-year-old sales rep who has a “special” coin to sell you.