_Philip Anderson Defends Paul Gosar_ 'Democrats Are a Cult at This Point'

Philip Anderson Defends Paul Gosar: ‘Democrats Are a Cult at This Point’

Philip Anderson has seen the ugliest parts of the left in recent months. He was attacked and had his front teeth knocked out by Antifa. He has been smeared by mainstream media and told by “woke” people that he is not Black because he is a Proud Boy. But through it all, Representative Paul Gosar has stood by him and offered to help through his troubles.

Gosar has been under attack from his own family for weeks as they appear on mainstream media outlets claiming that he’s a white supremacist who helped to orchestrate the January 6th mostly peaceful protest, often referred to as the “Capitol Riots.” This is ludicrous prima facie as Gosar has never demonstrated any affinity to white supremacy and had absolutely nothing to do with what happened at the Capitol on January 6. But family is family even if they’re unhinged radical leftists bent on taking down their brother for the sake of political expediency.

In a recent Gab post, Anderson unleashed on Gosar’s siblings and the Democratic Party as a whole:

Seeing Paul Gosar’s siblings go on CNN to attack him and say that he planned the “insurrection” based on ZERO evidence is beyond disgusting. I know Paul Gosar personally. He’s one of the greatest men I’ve ever met in my life. He’s the only member of Congress that reached out to me after Antifa knocked out my teeth. He even offered to find a dental surgeon to fix my teeth and to help me find a new job. Gosar’s siblings are evil scumbags. Family doesn’t do that s— to each other. Democrats are a cult at this point, not a legitimate political party.

Only Paul Gosar’s family knows why they’re spreading lies about their own brother. But Gosar has an extended family in those of us, like Philip Anderson, who appreciate and support him.