Nicki Minaj Posts Tucker Carlson Video and Vaxx-Nannies Just Fainted Over It

Philadelphia Public “Health” Thought It Was a Good Idea to Call out Nicki Minaj . . . Bad Move

It wasn’t.

Singer Nicki Minaj has been outspoken in the past about the jabs and the various mandates associated with them. Recently, she’s been focused on her music, leaving the battle against Pandemic Panic Theater to the rest of us. But the Philadelphia Public Health Twitter account decided to drag her back into the conversation, and it didn’t go well for them.

Whoever manages the account saw the Tweet from Minaj saying, “Nothing like watching someone speak confidently about something they know nothing about.” They decided to quote that Tweet with a screenshot of a past Tweet from Minaj explaining why she’s vaccine hesitant.

Minaj responded.

She absolutely nailed it. Whoever manages the social media account for Philadelphia Public Health figured they could bump up engagement by bringing Minaj into the equation. It worked, but not like they had hoped. The responses to their attempted “vaxx-hesitancy shaming” was brutal with few coming to their defense and tons of people complaining. Minaj highlighted one reply that indicated the government’ agency’s Tweet actually turned them off from getting jabbed.

I’ve never looked into Minaj’s politics and I really don’t care. She’s opposed to people getting pressured into taking the jabs, so that’s enough to count her as an ally in this fight. Heck, I might even buy her latest single just to see what I’ve been missing.