Pfizer's Two-Dose _Baby Jabs_ Didn't Work In Kids Aged 2-5, So They're Now Testing a THIRD Dose

Pfizer’s Two-Dose “Baby Jabs” Didn’t Work In Kids Aged 2-5, So They’re Now Testing a THIRD Dose

Pfizer’s motto with injecting experimental drugs into young children is as predictable as their profits rising. If at first you don’t succeed, jab, jab again.

After an independent safety board determined that Pfizer’s experimental Covid-19 injections for children under five-years-old did not generate the immune response they expected, the Big Pharma favorite of the FDA decided to add another injection to the regimen. According to CNN [emphasis added]:

Vaccine maker Pfizer said Friday that trials of its vaccine in children ages 2 to 5 show that it did not provide the expected immunity in kids this age, and it is adding a third dose to the regimen.

The company decided to add the third dose for all children and babies ages 6 months to 5 years after its independent outside advisers took a look at the data so far.

It showed that two child-sized doses of the Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine were not producing the expected immunity in the 2- to 5-year-olds, although they were doing so for the babies up to age 2. So the company said it would “amend” the trial to add a third dose.

The two highlighted portions are significant. Pfizer’s initial assessment of their own data indicated two injections worked just fine. It took an unaffiliated safety board looking at the data to determine that the jabs weren’t working. The second emphasized portion is important for getting an Emergency Use Authorization. Instead of scrapping the experiment and starting from scratch, as they should, they’ve chosen to “amend” the current experiment. This means they do not have to admit failure which would set them back months from being able to roll out their infant jabs.

Lest we forget, those under the age of 20 have such an infinitesimal risk from Covid-19 that it’s statistically insignificant. The younger the person infected, the less likely they are to have severe symptoms, and deaths are nearly non-existent. The fact that they’re STILL trying to jab infants tells us all we need to know about their motivations. This isn’t about healthcare. It’s about an agenda that requires every man, woman, and child to be injected for some nefarious reason.