Pfizer's Global President of Vaccines in 2016_ 'Vaccines Take Years . . . And Many Failures Before We Succeed'

Pfizer’s Global President of Vaccines in 2016: ‘Vaccines Take Years . . . And Many Failures Before We Succeed’

Medical science has been performing intellectual backflips for the last year and a half at the behest of governments and the powers-that-be. They’ve redefined what a “vaccine” is, changing their accepted goal of “immunity” to “protection.” They’ve manipulated what can be considered to be adequate and acceptable testing, rolling out billions of doses of drugs that are still in the experimental phase. All the while, they’ve done so knowing exactly what they’re doing and why.

The reason, of course, is a combination of two very unscientific goals: Printing money and ushering in the global economic monstrosity known as “The Great Reset.” The predicate was a pandemic that presented an opportunity for the Neo-Marxists at the World Economic Forum and the United Nations to accelerate their plans for world domination. All they needed was to convince Big Pharma to change their own rules and procedures. Mild objections by some were dismissed by nearly all in Big Pharma when they realized how many zeroes were going to be in their paychecks.

One C-level executive who used to take vaccine safety seriously is Susan Silbermann. She is the former Global President for Pfizer Vaccines. During her tenure leading the company’s vaccine initiatives, she said in 2016 that “vaccines take years… and many failures before we succeed.”

It is unclear if she still feels that way, but it’s conspicuous that she left the company in May, 2021, near the beginning of the big push to inject the entire world’s population with the experimental Covid-19 drugs. She is now on the board of directors for HilleVax, and you can guess what they do.

Everyone in Big Pharma knows the drugs being pawned off as Covid “vaccines” pose major risks to their recipients and do not deliver anywhere near the protections that were promised. Any remnant of ethics that clung to some in the industry have been completely obliterated for the sake of huge paychecks and advancing the globalist agenda.

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