Pete Buttplug Is Too Busy Taking Personal Time to Answer Simple Questions About Ohio Chernobyl

It’s ironic that the least effective and most disastrous member of Joe Biden’s cabinet has been the guy many Democrats had picked as his likely successor. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has been the living personification of a debacle, and that was BEFORE the U.S. infrastructure started falling apart under his watch.

Investigative reporter Jennie Taer from the Daily Caller News Foundation caught up with Buttigieg as he was on his way for a night out on the town. She asked basic questions about the Secretary’s response to the East Palestine ecological disaster, to which Buttigieg refused to respond. Instead, he asked to take the reporter’s picture, assumably to put her on a list of “undesirables” for the Deep State to monitor.


While this guy’s out having fun, there are lives being destroyed across America in his wake. As bad as the Biden-Harris regime has been for this nation, Pete Buttigieg stands out as exceptionally destructive.