Person of Interest

“Person of Interest” in Brooklyn Terrorist Attack Is a Black Supremacist

UPDATE: The Black Supremacist in the terrorist attack on a NYC Subway is in custody after a massive manhunt 

We’re about to watch the Brooklyn subway terrorist attack quickly disappear from the news. Why? Because if the police are correct in who they believe the terrorist may be, he doesn’t fit the corporate media narrative. Therefore, they’ll sweep it under the rug just like they did in Waukesha.

According to Andy Ngo:

Breaking: NYPD named Frank James as a person of interest in the #Brooklyn mass shooting. I looked into his social media. Like the Waukesha suspect & the Louisville BLM activist who allegedly tried to assassinate a mayoral candidate, he appeared to be a fan of black nationalism.

To be clear, James is still listed as a person of interest, which means he has not been formally named as a suspect. We should not jump to the conclusion that he’s the perpetrator of the terrorist attack in Brooklyn that left dozens injured. But if he turns out to be the guy, expect corporate media to run from the story faster than they do with a positive story about Donald Trump.