Perfect End to MLB All-Star Week in Lawless Seattle as Fentanyl Dealer Spills His Pills on Busy Walkway by Stadium

Seattle did everything it could to pretend it’s not like a third-world nation ahead of Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game this week. They moved vagrants around, tried to warn off drug dealers, and assigned police to do what they used to do in the distant past: Arrest people.

It didn’t work. Their efforts were wasted as the city was clearly in shambles despite their best efforts and social media had fun at their expense. One particular viral video epitomized the situation perfectly.

As fans walked near the stadium during All-Star Week, a fentanyl deal was caught on camera spilling his murderous pills. Some people took the polite but extremely dangerous course of trying to help him pick them up. Watch:

It’s hard to tell what’s worse: A drug dealer spilling his lethal drugs in broad daylight or the fact that most people didn’t seem to care. As bad as they expect things to be in Seattle, it’s actually even worse.