Vaccine Mandate

Pentagon Rescinds Destructive Military Vaxx-Mandate — Lauren Boebert Calls for the Next Step

The Pentagon finally withdrew it’s Covid-19 “vaccine” mandate today.

In a memo, the Pentagon rescinded the mandate for all servicemembers to be administered Covid-19 “vaccines.” They will also remove any penalties or reprimands from records of current servicemembers who were punished over their vaccine stance or status. Nobody will be discharged over vaccine status going forward. Unfortunately, that does NOT apply to those who have already been discharged. They will remain discharged and their service records will not be amended.

Moreover, officers can still make decisions about assignments and deployments based on vaccine status.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin started his memo to military leadership with a pair of bald-faced lies:

“I am deeply proud of the Department’s work to combat the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Through your leadership, we have improved the health of our Service members and the readiness of the Force…”

No, they did not improve the health of servicemembers nor did they improve readiness. Objectively, our military has failed miserably the last two years on both fronts. They’re just trying to coverup the fact that they’ve done massive harm to both the health of our men and women in uniform as well as our military’s ability to face threats to the United States. And that was almost certainly always their intention.

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert applauded the move but called for the Pentagon to figure out a way to fix the damage they’ve done to members they discharged over the draconian and worthless mandate.

“The Pentagon has RESCINDED their COVID vaccine mandate. This is a HUGE victory. Now, it’s time to make it right for the people whose lives were destroyed by this disgraceful mandate!”

This is a step forward and we’ll take the win. Unfortunately, there are countless servicemembers who are now forever burdened with current and future health issues that will arise from what they were forced to have injected into their arms.

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