High School Drag Show

Pennsylvania Teacher Suspended After Hosting Drag Show for Students Without Notifying Parents

Get your kids out of public schools if you can. Despite the massive pushback by parents against school boards across the country, “woke” teachers are continuing to push their Cultural Marxist ideas. Whether it’s Critical Race Theory, LGBTQIA+ supremacy, or straight up Neo-Marxism, these “educators” are indoctrinating our kids any way they can.

Here’s the latest example:


For once, a teacher is facing consequences for their actions. According to ABC27:

According to Hempfield School District, it was “made aware of a serious situation” that took place at the high school on Monday, April 25, during after-school hours. The school district said they were notified of the “performance” that happened during an after-school event for student members of the Gay Sexuality Alliance Club.

“Immediately following the notification, an investigation into the incident began,” said the school district in a statement. The school district would not confirm the identity of the teacher, but it did say an individual has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

We’ve been saying for years that the public school system is broken. That means two things. First and foremost, any parents who can make the necessary changes to either homeschool their children or move them to private school should do so as soon as possible. Second, we need to continue to apply as much pressure as possible to school boards so they will bring back sanity to the system.

That doesn’t just mean protesting. That means getting involved and running for school boards. It means supporting candidates who are willing to put the education of our children first and leave the parenting of children to the actual parents. These woke teachers and administrators are determined to brainwash children rather than educate them. It needs to change immediately.

It’s not just parents, either. Every American has skin in the game when it comes to the education system. Even if you don’t have kids in the system, there are millions of others who are being taught how to destroy this nation. It behooves all of us to do what we can to reverse this disastrous trend. The kids who are getting brainwashed today are future voters, business leaders, politicians, and neighbors. They need the chance to properly succeed just as we need the peace of mind that comes with being able to trust the people around us.

Recent victories on the education front should not make us complacent. The fight is ramping up as we try to save our children and our country from the demonic machinations of public educators.