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PayPal Co-Founder David Sacks Tells Tucker Carlson Why Apple Is a Pawn of DC and the Chinese Communist Party

In today’s complex world of globalists and their puppets, we often have to sift through the convoluted layers and multifaceted engagements between companies and governments in order to understand what’s driving tyrannical decisions. But sometimes, it’s pretty straightforward.

Such is the case with Apple and their ongoing push to censor on behalf of both Washington DC as well as Beijing. David Sacks, co-founder of PayPal, went on with Tucker Carlson last night to explain what he believes to be the reason why Apple is going after Twitter and the peaceful protesters in China. It comes down to the root of all evils: Their love for money.

Carlson asked him, “If Apple did this, it would, it seems like it would effectively destroy Twitter as the force that it currently is. That would be an abusive monopoly power. I think everyone would agree. What can be done to stop that?”

Apple has threatened to suspend or remove Twitter from their App Store if Musk and his company continue to push the platform toward offering freer speech than in its pre-Musk days.

Sacks replied, “Well, yeah, I, I agree with you, Tucker, that you know what Apple is doing in China is not that different from what Apple is doing in the US. They’re willing to engage in censorship on a global basis, on behalf of their true paymasters. And by paymasters, I don’t mean consumers. Apple has them completely locked up. What I mean is the party in power, whether that’s in Beijing or Washington.

“This is the quid pro quo that MAGA Democrats have made. Of course by MAGA Democrats, I’m referring to Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Amazon. They have the most lucrative monopolies in history and want to continue minting money undisturbed. And in exchange for that, they will donate lavishly to the Democratic Party, and they’re willing to kneecap their political opponents with censorship if that’s what the party in power requires.”

He’s mostly correct. DC in general and most Democrats in particular have taken a very direct approach with Apple, Google, and other Big Tech tyrants. The Deep State has actively engaged with these companies to compel them to suppress speech from those who promote freedom, including Donald Trump.

That alone should make this a 1st Amendment issue. While private companies and individuals do not have to abide by offering free speech in the venues they control, the 1st Amendment prohibits governments from engaging in censorship. Considering DC’s tentacles are all over Big Tech, the interference Twitter is getting from government means the 1st Amendment applies. In fact, one can go so far as to say Twitter under Musk honors the Constitution far better than others in the space, including the authoritarians at Apple and Google who are going after him.

The one component Sacks missed during his interview is the non-government entities also applying pressure against Twitter through Apple and Google. The globalist elite cabal, including the World Economic Forum and the Council for Inclusive Capitalism, have also been calling the shots regarding censorship whether it’s in DC or Silicon Valley. Big Tech may be doing the bidding of the Biden-Harris regime, but the regime is doing the bidding of those who want to usher in The Great Reset.