Paul Gosar: Watch Your Churches and Local Pregnancy Centers if SCOTUS Rules on Roe v Wade Today

As we noted yesterday, it is conspicuous that the Supreme Court made the uncommon decision to release rulings on a Friday. This has led many to speculate that they intend to drop the Dobbs ruling, which will potentially overturn Roe v Wade, today.

The reason for this is likely to blunt any backlash by putting it out just before the weekend. It’s a common tactic in DC, and Chief Justice John Roberts is not above using political tactics for practical purposes. Congressman Paul Gosar issued a warning on Gab:

Upon hearing the news that the Supreme Court will release additional rulings tomorrow, I would like to ask all patriots to please consider watching your local churches and pregnancy centers.

If you see vandals and arsonists, call the authorities and record what you can.

Radical leftists propped up by George Soros and other globalist elites have promised massive violence should Roe v Wade be overturned. They have already been targeting churches and pregnancy centers with firebombs, graffiti, and threats to personnel. Dropping the ruling today could mitigate some of the damage done by the domestic terrorists.

Speculation has leaned toward Roberts delaying the ruling for the sake of effect. He likes to save the most newsworthy cases for the end of the session. But there’s also the fact that he has been trying to convince some of the Justices to go with a lighter version of a ruling in which Roe v. Wade isn’t completely overturned. Could he join the majority and commandeer the decision himself? That would also jibe with a Friday release.

Whether it drops today or not, eyes will be on the Supreme Court. And if it does drop, eyes need to turn to the radical leftists and any likely targets that they’ll hit.