John Strand

Patriot J6 Peaceful Protester John Strand Summoned to Serve Nearly Three Years in Prison

John Strand did nothing wrong. Literally nothing. His prosecution has been a sham from the start, as the vast majority of January 6 prosecutions have been. But he is being ordered to pay a very heavy price with a 32 month prison term scheduled to start in under three weeks.

Here’s his post about the situation:

I just received notice from the federal government:

They have summoned me to surrender on July 25, 2023 to unjustly suffer .

I am innocent, and the government is not; they lied about me at trial, and from the beginning they have corruptly engineered and exploited the J6 event into a fascist weapon against Americans who dare to defy this illegitimate and wicked regime.

You should all know this: I am proud and grateful to have this opportunity to serve my God, my family, and my country as a true patriot, where personal sacrifice is required to overcome evil men and tyrannical governments. No amount of prison or persecution will ever deter me from standing strong and speaking out in this fight.

I could have folded and accepted an easy out with a fraudulent J6 plea deal. I could have fled the country and escaped the pain of prison. But I understand the reality of the war that is raging all around us, and I will never surrender my integrity or my destiny.

So hear me loud and clear, in the immortal words of William Wallace:
“ ‘ — . , , , !”

Be sure to watch the video of him explaining what really happened and how the Biden-Harris regime’s DOJ lied in order to convict him: