CCP Invading America

Passport Scheme: Is the CCP Invading America Through Benedict Biden’s Southern Border Loophole?

There are three confirmed invasions happening at our southern border. The obvious one is the sheer mass of illegal aliens from across the globe stealing our sovereignty. The other obvious invasion is that of drugs, particularly fentanyl, which are killing Americans at unprecedented rates. The third, less-discussed invasion is the ticking timebomb of known and unknown terrorists coming across with the aforementioned masses.

Is there a fourth invasion happening as well? We’ve known there are tens of thousands of Chinese illegal aliens coming across; over 13,000 have been apprehended since October. But what if these aren’t just illegal aliens among the other masses from other nations? What if this is part of a planned infiltration?

Michael Yon noted that the Chinese Communist Party had recently given instructions to Chinese citizens coming into America through “irregular channels”:

China openly invading USA: This is published today by LA Consulate General. It called Chinese people who lost passports entering U.S. “in abnormal ways” to apply for new passports in the LA Consulate General.

Very suspicious. Why does CCP help people get passports to leave China? They escape China with new passports, arrive in places like Istanbul, Amsterdam, Quito, Cancun, then ditch passports before crossing into USA. Now getting new passports from their government. CCP famously never is so helpful.

The recent posting from the Chinese consulate that Yon linked to instructs Chinese citizens on how to get their passports or emergency travel documents. But here’s the thing. For them to have left China, they would have had to have their passports initially. Unlike the United States, China takes their border security very seriously in both directions and it’s extremely difficult for people to leave the country without permission.

The only reason it would behoove Chinese citizens to use their passports to leave China, then lose their passports en route to the United States is if they were intentionally taking advantage of the Biden-Harris regime’s border policies. If they enter legally, they can be easily expelled. If they “lose” their passports and enter through “irregular channels,” they are treated by a completely different set of rules.

Most importantly, they get to stay under the Biden-Harris regime’s policies.

Is this all an elaborate scheme to plant as many Chinese nationals loyal to the CCP on American soil, spread across American cities through the disbursement plans of the White House and state governors? Reports have indicated these groups are almost entirely made up of military-aged males. If the Chinese Communist Party wanted to infiltrate America at this time, that type of scheme seems like the most obvious.

Stay frosty, folks.  Something’s not right. In fact, very little seems to be right in America lately.

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