Party Girl Mayor London Breed, Who Defunded San Fran Police, Invokes Focus-Group-Tested Expletive to Pretend She's Tough on Crime

Party Girl Mayor London Breed, Who Defunded San Fran Police, Invokes Focus-Group-Tested Expletive to Pretend She’s Tough on Crime

San Francisco Mayor London Breed is know for a few things. She loves the welfare state, though she’d prefer if the homeless from around the nation would stop coming to collect from her city. She likes partying while telling her constituents they need to mask up and stay home. She really loves clubbing and would never let her city’s crime problems get between her and the dance floor. But one of the things she’s known best for is her quick and decisive decision last summer to defund the police.

She hates the police.

Unfortunately for the people of San Francisco, her hatred for law enforcement has delivered predictable results. Crime is so rampant that, as she put it, 90-95% of people in any given room could tell a story about how their car was broken into or they suffered from some sort of direct crime against them. Thugs enter businesses, take what they want, and stroll out with no fear of repercussions. That’s San Francisco under London Breed.

Yesterday, she started talking tough, saying law enforcement would get more “aggressive.” She punctuated her anger by saying the crime spree is “bull****” because focus groups indicate invoking curse words during press conferences will get the headlines she so desperately needs. As radically progressive as the people of San Francisco are, their instinct towards self-preservation has started overriding their manufactured desire to be “woke.”

Here’s Breed demonstrating her focus-group-tested and heavily practiced use of the expletive:

The problem Breed has is that everyone knows she’s not going to get tough on crime. She adores criminals. Otherwise, she would never have fallen for the Black Lives Matter Neo-Marxist calls to defund police. It takes a desire for criminals to flourish to determine that it’s best to hamper law enforcement in a major city, so any thought that Breed is suddenly about law and order can be dismissed.

She’s talking tough today, but when the crime wave continues she’ll stop talking about cops getting aggressive, and instead she’ll return to blaming them. The harm the people of San Francisco are forced to endure is a sacrifice London Breed is willing to make.