Parental Win_ School Board Ousts Social Justice Superintendent Over CRT Indoctrination and Covid Policies

Parental Win: School Board Ousts Social Justice Superintendent Over CRT Indoctrination and Covid Policies

Radical leftist school boards and public school staff members have been building indoctrination institutions for years, perhaps decades. But in recent months, parents have finally started fighting back across the country, speaking out at meetings and taking legal actions against the social justice warriors teaching our children.

In a major victory for parental rights, a school board in Rockland County, New York, forced the resignation of superintendent Martin Cox. Parents protested and filed FOIA requests, pressuring the school board to vote out the radical leader of their schools. In a 5-1 vote, the school board requested Cox’s resignation. He complied on Wednesday.

His adoration for Critical Race Theory was one of the primary complaints by parents, but it wasn’t the only one. Face mask mandates and basic failure of leadership were also part of the problem. According to The Post Millennial:

A litany of leadership calls cited a lack of proper air conditioning, COVID policies, and a Black Lives Matter presentation gone awry as the other reasons for his removal.

On COVID, Cox aggravated parents when he decided all students would have to start the school year wearing masks. This is in addition to social distancing related measures in both the school and when travelling on buses.

On the district’s diversity initiative and Black Lives Matter, it’s said there was supposed to be a student presentation at Felix Festa Middle School at the end of the previous school year. The ADL

“No Place For Hate” slideshow had eighth-graders explaining the subject matter, like that seen in the slide below, to sixth graders. The debacle was outlined by Westchester Journal News.

Cox initially delayed then got rid of plans to show the presentation entirely after considerable blowback from parents. This incident resurfaced last month after backlash towards his COVID rules.

Parents have far more control over their children’s education if they’re willing to fight for their rights. We can end the scourge of Critical Race Theory, Pandemic Panic Theater, and generally poor education if we work together.