Pandemic Panic Theater_ NYC Kids Eating Outside in the Cold to Maintain Ludicrous Social Distancing Compliance

Pandemic Panic Theater: NYC Kids Eating Outside in the Cold to Maintain Ludicrous Social Distancing Compliance

As temperatures continue to plummet in New York City, many schools are still forcing students to eat their lunch outside to “protect” them from Covid-19. The social distancing rules trump common sense and science in the age of Covid when leftists make the rules.

According to the NY Post:

Kids in some city schools are still eating lunch outdoors each day due to social distancing rules despite plunging temperatures and steamed parents.

“It’s getting a little ridiculous at this point,” said a mom at MS 104 in Manhattan, where kids again pulled apart their string cheese in 39-degree weather Wednesday. “They’ve eaten outdoors every day this week. It’s cold.”

A mom at a Park Slope elementary school said her child has also been dining al freezo for the entire year and began complaining about the conditions this week.

“We’ve heard no plans to bring them inside anytime soon,” she said. “In fact, they are still asking for parents to give the school their Fresh Direct bags to create seating pads. It doesn’t sound like they’re going in.”

The Department of Education allowed principals to devise their own lunch arrangements this year while complying with social distancing rules.

While some have managed to keep kids under a roof while eating, others have headed for the great outdoors.

“It’s already hard enough for a little kid to eat outside while sitting on concrete with a mask on,” said the mother of a Brooklyn fourth-grader who ate outside this week. “What does the weather have to be to go inside? How low does it have to go?”

Despite a good number of parents complaining, it’s clearly going to require more people to step up and call out this farce. Pandemic Panic Theater is as strong in New York City as it is in any city in the country, but unlike other areas it will be getting extremely cold there soon.

If a parent forced their kids to stay outside in nearly freezing weather, they’d have the state claiming child abuse. But for almighty schools under the guidance of Mayor Bill de Blasio, the state has embraced the same practice because Covid-19 might spread during lunch. This is an anti-science stance because the disease does not affect children the same way it hits adults, especially the elderly. Children are not at significant risk from Covid-19. Cold weather, on the other hand, is far more likely to cause harm to the children being abused in the NYC public school system.

How much longer will the people endure such asinine policies before they realize their government continues to make horrendous decisions? The science is clear. NYC is on the wrong side of logic on this and many other issues.