Kamala Harris Impersonator

Palate Cleanser: Here’s the Cackling Kamala Impersonator You Needed to Hear Today

Between Ukraine, medical tyranny, the economic collapse, border crisis, Critical Race Theory, and pretty much everything that’s been thrown at us from Washington DC over the past year, it can be challenging to crack a smile or offer a chuckle. Every now and then, we need something to brighten our day.

For this, I offer a Kamala Harris impersonator that everyone needs to hear. Granted, she doesn’t look anything like the cackling person who was installed into the VP’s office, but she nails the attitude and, most importantly, the infuriating laugh that Harris uses at the most inappropriate moments. Watch:


Unfortunately, searching TikTok without an account is like searching for Joe Biden when there’s a crisis. It just can’t be done, so I cannot identify this woman. Whoever she is, we need her to make more videos, pronto.