Giving Gas to Truckers

Ottawa Outlawed Giving Gas to Truckers, So This Happened . . .

Around the world, responses to tyranny have become more aggressive. No, there have not been increases in violence as government and corporate media predicted other than attacks from anti-freedom activists. The aggressive responses have been peaceful, sensible, and outright epic as average citizens express their discontent with their oppressors.

In what may be the best example of opposition we’ve seen this week, the people reacted to Ottawa’s ban on aiding truckers in the Freedom Convoy by defying government edicts.

It doesn’t take an extreme level of courage to participate in such activities. It simply takes a willingness to stand up and act on behalf of those who are fighting for freedom. But even in these simple acts we can find the inspiration to act. When the people unite, courage becomes contagious and actions become meaningful.

There are those who think the tide is turning. It may be, but that’s not to say the globalist elites engaged in Pandemic Panic Theater are going to go out without a fight. Moreover, it is our responsibility as the oppressed to hold our oppressors responsible. Let the actions of these citizens spark more action in your town.