Oregon Recriminalizing Drugs

Oregon Lawmakers Set to Recriminalizing Hard Drugs After the Most Predictable Result Possible Came True

Editor’s Commentary: Oregon has allowed the use of hard drugs for the last few years, resulting in skyrocketing overdose deaths. Who could have predicted this? Well… anyone who isn’t suffering from advanced stage Woke Mind Virus.

But here’s the thing. As Democrats in Oregon scramble to champion the repealing of the policy they pushed hard until very recently, there will be no accountability. None of the lawmakers or activists who were either too stupid or too woke to realize that decriminalizing hard drugs would lead to more overdoses will be punished. Instead, they’ll probably fundraise off the notion that they are making the streets safer by reversing what they previously championed.

There are valid arguments for decriminalization that surround personal responsibility and not-your-concern libertarianism, but Ballot Measure 110 was never envisioned to do either. It’s just one of many asinine laws the UniParty Swamp has pushed under orders from the Globalist Elite Cabal to destabilize and eventually destroy America. That’s it. Here’s the news itself generated from corporate media reports…

(Discern Report)—Oregon lawmakers have recently voted to recriminalize certain drugs following a surge in overdose deaths and a state of emergency declaration for Portland’s fentanyl crisis. This move effectively ends a flagship liberal policy that was initially passed in 2020 under Ballot Measure 110, which aimed to decriminalize small amounts of all drugs and redirect marijuana tax revenue to fund addiction services.

Since the measure’s implementation, addiction and overdose rates have significantly increased in Oregon and across the country. In response, both Republicans and Democrats introduced legislation to roll back the controversial measure. The bill was passed by the state Senate 21-8 on Friday and by the House 51-7 on Thursday. It now awaits the signature of Gov. Tina Kotek, who has previously expressed openness to signing a bill that would reverse drug decriminalization.

The bill makes the possession of small amounts of drugs such as heroin or methamphetamine a misdemeanor, punishable by up to six months in jail. It also allows police to confiscate drugs and crack down on their use in public spaces like sidewalks and parks. Drug treatment is to be offered as an alternative to criminal penalties. Additionally, the bill aims to make it easier to prosecute drug dealers and increase access to medication for addiction.

However, some lawmakers, like Democratic Sen. Lew Frederick, have criticized the bill, arguing that it could move more people into the court system without actually improving their health. Concerns have also been raised about the cheap cost of fentanyl, which has caused a devastating impact on the community at just $0.25 per pill.

Despite these concerns, the bill has garnered support from many lawmakers who believe it will lead to “real and transformative change” for the justice system and help address the public health and safety crisis in downtown Portland.

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