Biden's Price Hikes

. . . Only Gullible Leftists Are Buying the Biden Regime’s Buzzword Push for “Putin’s Price Hike”

Blame Russia. Blame them for everything.

That’s the message Democrats have been sending since the 2016 election, and they’ve followed through on their messaging by blaming Russia on, well, everything. Inflation? Blame Russia. Food shortages? Blame Russia. Poor polling for Democrats? Blame Russia.

Today, White House Press Secretary Jen “Circle Back” Psaki tried to promote the latest buzzword that was certainly focus-group tested by the regime: “Putin’s Price Hike.” The goal is to deflect from the real culprit who has caused the nation’s massive economic woes, namely Joe Biden and his feckless regime. Watch:

Judging by responses on social media and even in corporate media, nobody other than the most gullible leftists are buying it. But even while many cry foul from both sides of the aisle, one thing that continues to be ignored is that the massive economic sanctions imposed on Russia by the United States and other western nations have done absolutely nothing to dissuade Vladimir Putin from continuing his invasion of Ukraine. The sanctions have, however, hurt people across the world as economies from Moscow to Los Angeles, Sydney to London feel the pain from the Biden regime’s moves.

If the sanctions aren’t going to help end the war, what’s the point in making so many millions if not billions of people suffer? The reality is that the goals of the World Economic Forum and other globalist organizations are being achieved with all of this. They NEED western economies to collapse. With the perfect storm between the Ukraine war meeting economic devastation from Pandemic Panic Theater, it’s conceivable that the globalists could get their wish and start ushering in The Great Reset.

Since economic pressures aren’t hurting Russia enough to stop the war, they need to be reversed immediately. What’s happening to Ukrainians is sad, but we’re not helping them by committing our own financial suicide.