NBC News

Only Fake News NBC Could Spin a Teen Arsonist Murder Suspect Story Into a Story About Abortion “Rights”

It takes an extreme dedication to driving a particular narrative in order to make the leap from an arson/murder story to somehow being a risk for abortion “rights,” but that’s exactly what NBC News was able to do.

As Chuck Ross noted on Twitter:

The concerns of the accused teen arsonist and murderer are legitimate. One does not have to be a privacy advocate to see the potential risks of law enforcement using search histories to draw connections to crimes. I’m neutral on the subject for now simply because I haven’t dug into it thoroughly enough to form an opinion, but it’s understandable that many are concerned in an age when the rising Police State is getting more and more sophisticated.

With that said, jumping from a severe crime like murder and turning the story into an issue over abortion “rights” is ludicrous prima facie. Our unhinged corporate media is as predictable as ever, and since they will do anything to keep the focus on Roe v Wade being overturned and away from the multitude of problems plaguing America as a result of the Biden regime’s feckless policies, it’s not surprising they’d try to gaslight us in this way.

And to be clear, it is 100% gaslighting. The second paragraph of the story manufactures a concern out of thin air, a concern that has absolutely no grounds in reality:

The pushback against this surveillance tool, known as a reverse keyword search, is being closely watched by privacy and abortion rights advocates, who are concerned that it could soon be used to investigate women who search for information about obtaining an abortion in states where the procedure is now illegal.

When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. When all you have to try to protect Democrat majorities in November is Roe v Wade, everything has to somehow connect to abortion “rights.” It’s despicable but, as I noted before, quite predictable.