One Tweet by Jedediah Bila Explains the Problem With Democrat Hellhole NYC

We often post stories about the dysfunctional island of Manhattan. Years of Democrat control and radical leftist policies have turned the once-proud city into a cesspool of crime and depravity. The people are confused and do not seem to have their priorities aligned with protecting themselves, let alone the city itself. It’s as if they’ve given up on normal life and accepted the defeat of crime, filth, and destitution.

Long-time resident and political pundit Jedediah Bila will be leaving the city soon. But while she’s there she’s still engaged with day-to-day life in the Big Apple. Unfortunately, that life has become insane, which is why she’s moving her family to freer pastures in Florida.

“Woman outside in Manhattan this morning was outraged that someone next to her in line wasn’t wearing a mask. OUTSIDE. She was infinitely less bothered by the guy pissing on a building just steps away. Residents of this city have lost their f***ing minds.”

Pandemic Panic Theater may have been the catalyst for the recent insanity in the city, but it’s the progressive policies that have made that insanity permanent.