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One Statistic That Shatters the Worldview of Any Leftist in Denial of Media Bias

This may be shocking to some of my readers, but I actually wrote for a bit for a leftist publication. I was the token conservative, quickly replaced with a David French-like milquetoast RINO after my views were deemed too “extreme.”

One article in particular, which has since been purged from the site, explained the leftist bias in corporate media. The article itself wasn’t anything special, but the responses were definitely “special.” As ludicrous as it may sound to our audience, many leftists actually believe corporate media leans RIGHT, that outlets such as Politico and NY Times gave TOO MUCH credit to Republicans.

I wish I had this tidbit of information available at the time to prove my point:

Media Bias

For those who missed my interview with Mike Adams, there was one comment I made that blew up my inbox. About half agreed with me. My assertion was that the Biden Bribery Scandal is far more important than the Trump indictment. In fact, I’m pretty certain the whole reason they dropped the indictment when they did is because it was supposed to keep both corporate media and conservative media focused on Trump rather than the bigger story of a sitting president who’s clearly compromised by foreign interests.

And by “pretty certain,” I mean it’s 99.98%.

But even if some, particularly on the left, disagree with my assertion, the fact that three of the biggest networks allowed zero coverage of the Biden-Burisma bombshell cannot be ignored. Even those who think it’s fake news have to admit the accusations by lawmakers on Capitol Hill is newsworthy.

When the powers-that-be want something in the news cycle buried, they throw out the juiciest meat they can find to draw attention away from the inconvenient truths they want hidden.

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