James O'Keefe

O’Keefe Media Group Hit by Massive DDoS and Email Attacks Following BlackRock Exposé

Tuesday was huge for O’Keefe Media Group. Then, it turned south in a hurry after James O’Keefe and his team ruffled some pretty powerful feathers.

Following stunning admissions on undercover video by a recruiter for the most powerful asset management group on the planet, O’Keefe’s video and website were hit with DDoS attacks and their tip email address was flooded.

According to O’Keefe:

After our @BlackRock video OMG is facing denial of service attacks where every second our email tip inboxes are filled with state and municipal government notifications. Sources can submit their tips and info on signal or through http://OKeefeMediaGroup.com/Contact

These type of attacks, which have been mostly used in the past to attack government bodies and large corporations, was turned against the citizen journalist group O’Keefe formed following his removal from Project Veritas. It doesn’t fit the modus operandi of known hacker groups. Is this retribution from proxies of or mercenaries for BlackRock itself?

This story is developing. We will keep close tabs on it and update the story when necessary. Chime in about it on our Substack.