Odd Photo of John Fetterman Makes Its Rounds as Major Questions Still Unanswered

The saga of Senate-seat-placeholder John Fetterman continues with nobody in corporate media asking the right questions and far too many in conservative media offering the wrong answers. Nobody seems to know where the stroke victim is other than his staff and possibly his wife, and they’re not saying much.

Corporate media is completely ignoring it. Meanwhile, a photo is circulating among conservative media sites and social accounts that seems to depict a completely different version of Fetterman than the one who allegedly won election in Pennsylvania.

It seems very odd that the two confirmed images of John Fetterman (or someone that looks like him) appear to be of similar but possibly different people. Unfortunately, many on social media and on conservative news outlets are claiming the image on the right is a recent image of Fetterman (or his doppelganger).

It’s actually from May of last year shortly after his stroke.

Fetterman May 2022

We reached out to as many conservative outlets as we could to alert them the “new” image of Fetterman is actually from last year. But questions still remain. There has been speculation that Fetterman is completely incapacitated. Some say he’s probably dead. Between his radical Marxist wife and his staff, it’s very easy to run his office without John Fetterman present for a long time, which should tell us all something about how Capitol Hill actually operates.

Matt Margolis at PJ Media is asking the right questions:

Last month, Sen. John Fetterman (D-Pa.) admitted himself to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for treatment for severe depression resulting from his struggle to adapt to life in the U.S. Senate, while still dealing with cognitive impairments from his May 2022 stroke. One key problem he struggles with is an auditory processing disorder, which makes it difficult for him to communicate or even understand others when they speak. Despite efforts to accommodate his impairments in the Senate, Fetterman still struggled to do his job.

Fetterman’s staff has reported that he is making good progress in his recovery and is preparing to resume his duties in the U.S. Senate. However, information about his condition has been limited, and attempts by his aides to present the impression that he is still performing his job have been questionable at best.

But the bottom line is that Fetterman has now been at Walter Reed for over a month, and there’s still no timeline for his return. So what’s going on?

According to a spokesman for the impaired senator, Fetterman is “on the road to recovery” but will continue to be absent from the Senate for a few more weeks.

“We understand the intense interest in John’s status and especially appreciate the flood of well-wishes,” Fetterman’s communications director, Joe Calvello, said in a statement earlier this week. “However, as we have said, this will be a weeks-long process and while we will be sure to keep folks updated as it progresses, this is all there is to give by way of an update.”

If this update was meant to reassure us that Fetterman would be back to work at the Capitol soon, don’t be fooled. Fetterman’s aides have repeatedly been moving the goalposts on us. Earlier this month, Fetterman’s chief of staff, Adam Jentleson, similarly told us that Fetterman was “well on his way to recovery” and would “be back soon.”

As I’ve contended since shortly after the Pennsylvania primaries, I believe the plan has always been to cheat if necessary to win both the Senate seat and gubernatorial race so Democrats could retain control of the U.S. Senate. Then, with Josh Shapiro as governor they just needed to keep Fetterman in office until August, 2023, so they could appoint Gisele Fetterman to take over his seat. She’d still have to defend that seat in 2024 but by waiting they’d avoid having her run a campaign this year.

I’m sticking with this theory in light of everything we’ve seen since last year.

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