Obama Bros

“Obama Bros” Go After Dementia Joe So Bathhouse Barry Can Keep His Hands Clean

Three former advisers to President Obama, often referred to as the “Obama bros,” have publicly criticized President Biden following his lackluster performance in the first presidential debate and subsequent interviews. Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, and Tommy Vietor dedicated the majority of their latest “Pod Save America” episode to questioning Biden’s ability to lead effectively and win over undecided voters.

Vietor expressed concern over Biden’s inability to articulate a compelling second-term agenda and his struggle to speak clearly and coherently during a recent interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. He argued that Biden’s explanations for his poor debate performance were vague and failed to address the severity of his lackluster performance.

Lovett echoed Vietor’s concerns, stating that Biden’s interview was “hard to watch” and did not provide a strong case for his candidacy. He criticized Biden for not effectively prosecuting the case against former President Trump and questioned his ability to win over undecided voters.

Favreau expressed worry over Biden’s lack of urgency and clear message, citing recent polling that shows Biden trailing Trump in key swing states. He questioned Biden’s ability to make up for his poor debate performance and win over undecided voters.

The criticism from Obama’s former advisers comes as Biden faces mounting concerns about his age and ability to lead effectively. Former Obama adviser David Axelrod recently stated that Biden is “certain” to lose the race to Trump, citing the “painfully obvious” issues with Biden’s performance on the debate stage.

According to Fox News:

“I thought it was bad, and, at times, very hard to watch,” Vietor said, referencing Biden’s sit-down interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos last week that came as part of an effort by the president to quell critics calling for him to exit the presidential race.

“In fairness to Biden, I don’t think that interview could have solved the political problem that stemmed from the debate,” he said, adding the interview made him “more concerned” because Biden “struggled to speak in a clear, coherent way.”

Vietor argued Biden didn’t articulate a compelling second-term agenda that would sway swing voters to support him over former President Trump, and that his explanations for his recent poor performance, such as travel and sickness, didn’t fully answer for “how bad the debate was.”

Lovett agreed and said the interview “was a hard setting for him to succeed, even at his absolute best, because it’s hard to justify why it was more than a week after the debate, that it was so brief, and he was only doing one.”

“The debate was just a bad night. We all saw it,” he said. “The explanations are kind of vague… That doesn’t do enough to assuage our concerns about what we saw that night. Right? So, the explanations don’t offer anything.”

This seems to lend credence to the theory that Obama is working behind the scenes to oust Biden, using his proxies to get out the message while the former president publicly stays above the fray.

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