NYC Mayor de Bozo Puts 9,000 City Workers on Unpaid Leave Over VAXX Mandate

Communist NYC Mayor de Bozo Puts Thousands of City Workers on Unpaid Leave Over VAXX Mandate

New York City is in a state of shambles. Crime is rampant and rising. Destitution is on the rise. People are fleeing the city faster than migrants are leaving Haiti. Mayor Bill de Blasio is ending his reign of terror on as low of a note as possible, and it’s only going to get worse for those still stuck there.

On Monday, the Communist Mayor announced he’d put 9,000 city workers on unpaid leave.

Of course, the Mayor and his mainstream media cronies are trying to spin it as “only” being 6% of the workforce. Considering the challenges they’ve faced at previous strength, even a 6% weakening will be devastating, but the press is painting it as if everything’s fine. According to CBS New York:

New York City began enforcing its COVID vaccine mandate for municipal workers and first responders Monday. Mayor Bill de Blasio said 9,000 employees were placed on unpaid leave until they get their first shot. That’s less than 6% of the nearly 400,000 workforce. Another 12,000 applied for medical or religious exemptions. In the meantime, they are working but being tested.

The overall vaccination rate for the city workforce remains at 91%. Going down the list, the NYPD is at 85%, Department of Sanitation is at 83% and FDNY is at 81%. Uniformed Firefighter Association President Andrew Ansbro said Monday some of the city’s bravest who are vaccinated didn’t necessarily do so by choice.

“This is not a way to run a public service — a life saving public service — in such a haphazard way,” he said. “The ones that are there are going to do the best to fulfill their oaths and live up to what they promised the city of New York. Unfortunately, they’re put in this position by mayoral mandate.”

The latest numbers show 19% of the FDNY’s 17,000 overall workforce is not vaccinated. Among them, firefighters are at 23% unvaccinated, and EMS workers are at 12%.

The union expects dozens of fire companies will shut down, but resources and vaccinated staff will be redistributed so no overall firehouses will have to close. Some may have to work 80 hours a week to make up for those absent.

This is what we can expect across the country when more mandates take effect: Services hampered by mandates, mainstream media saying everything’s fine, and when it all falls apart they’ll blame the unvaxxed. Medical tyranny has consequences.