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Not Satire: U.S. Senate Candidate Blames Climate Change for NJ Earthquake

(America First Report)—There’s dumb. Then there’s Democrat-Dumb. But even higher on the list of total idiocy is Democrat-Climate-Cultist-Dumb and a U.S. Senate candidate from New Jersey just hit this pinnacle with the worst earthquake reaction of the week.

Christina Amira Khalil quickly deleted her offending Tweet but not before getting lambasted by the masses. She posted:

“I experienced my first earthquake in NJ. We never get earthquakes. The climate crisis is real. The weirdest experience ever.”

Christina Amira Khalil

Community Notes posted that New Jersey is, of course, on a fault line. And to their credit they even noted what most Americans know, that climate change has nothing to do with earthquakes even if you believe in climate change at all.

Technically, she’s running for the Green Party but the vast majority of her support will come from Democrats. But if any of those voters are on Twitter they might think twice before voting for this “moron.”

RINO Dan Crenshaw found himself on the right side of a debate for once by noting he was being facetious when calling out climate change for the earthquake earlier in the day.

Even a broken clock is accurate twice a day.

Khalil has apparently been blocking people who called her out.

Heads may roll at The Babylon Bee…

Never underestimate the idiocy of radical leftists.