Not Satire: Bulwark Democrat-Lover Justifies Rise in Violent Crimes in America Because It’s ONLY Murders That Are Up

Everyone has an idea that post on social media that, in retrospect, probably didn’t deliver the message they intended. I’ve done it a few dozen times and I’m thankful for the delete button. But occasionally such a post gets enough attention that it can’t be deleted. It’s out there going viral and deleting it will only make things worse.

Such is the case for a pre-midterm Tweet intended to bolster Democrats. It was posted by Mona Charen, Policy Editor at the fake “conservative” Democrat-loving outlet The Bulwark. Her intention was to clarify the massive rise in violent crime in America since Democrats took control of the House, Senate, and White House.

Other than murder, violent crime is not up. Did you know that? Violent crime is a key midterm voting issue, but what does the data say?

The responses weren’t what Charen likely anticipated.

“Hey you guys it’s totally cool with violent crime in America because the only stats that are up are murders so vote Democrat y’all!”

Other than murder… bc murder isn’t violent or a crime or a big deal… Just some NBD murder, peasants, stop it.

I am deceased. This tweet did me in.

“Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln…”

“Other than that, the parade was quite lovely” – Jackie Kennedy, 1963

Other than the increased murder, inflation, open border, racism, censorship, forced vaccines, closed schools, pushing sex changes on kids, and creating poverty to try to stop a 1 degree temperature increase 100 years from now, Democrat government hasn’t been that bad.

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