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No, There Was Not a Military Coup in China and Xi Jinping Is Not Under House Arrest After Being Removed From CCP Leadership

There is always a fine line between being at the cutting edge of the news cycle and falling for a hoax. The internet moves fast and many news outlets like ours strive to be among the first to report when news breaks. The days when corporate media always got the scoops are behind us as citizen journalists and alternative media networks can move more nimbly.

Of course, there’s also the risk of spreading false rumors. Sometimes it just takes one credible source speculating about a report to get news agencies to jump.

The latest example of a “bombshell” circulating across some independent news outlets is that Chinese President Xi Jinping has been placed under house arrest following a military coup and has been removed from Chinese Communist Party leadership. The “evidence” thus far has been focused on three things:

  1. Massive number of flights canceled over the last three days
  2. Military vehicles seen on the highway
  3. Gossip among U.S. intelligence sources

Then, there’s “hopium” — the desire that often translates into an addiction for positive news of any sort during times of duress. I would love nothing more than to post a retraction to this story, giddily declaring Xi is out. Unfortunately, that’s very unlikely to happen, but several alternative news outlets are running with the story anyway.

As Chinese defector and frequent guest on my show Dr. Li-Meng YAN noted on Twitter, the spreading of these rumors may be originating from Xi himself:

It’s probably because Putin started the crazy mobilization, while Xi uses such rumor to protect himself from any real incitement – considered Xi is Putin’s loyal ally. Xi’s team is good at psychological tactics in propaganda. “Li KeQiang instead of Xi JinPing” was the same trick.

Human Events’ commentator Jack Posobiec thinks it’s the Deep State.

Xi Jinping just had multiple senior CCP officials sentenced to death who opposed him. Lot of people falling for CIA gray propaganda he was arrested. Be smart!

Are people actually buying that obvious CIA propaganda that Xi Jinping was arrested?

Gordon G. Chang, who was one of the prominent accounts spreading the rumor, admitted later it’s probably false but gave the caveat that there does seem to be something strange happening in China right now. I agree.

The lack of news from #China over the last few hours suggests coup rumors are untrue, but whatever happened inside the #Chinese military during the last three days—evidently something unusual occurred—tells us there is turbulence inside the senior #CCP leadership.

Americans are craving positive news. We want the tide to turn. But that doesn’t mean we need to latch onto outrageous reports or embrace clear propaganda out of a need to smoke the hopium.

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