Bobby Crimo Jr

No, Robert “Bobby” E. Crimo III Is NOT a MAGA Guy . . .

Social media is currently being overrun by people trying to say alleged Highland Park mass murderer Robert “Bobby” E. Crimo III was a MAGA guy. They point to an odd “Where’s Waldo” image where he appears to be at a Trump event of some sort as their primary piece of evidence. There’s another image of him wearing a Trump flag as a cape, but it appears to be done in mocking fashion.

Here’s the “Where’s Waldo” image in question:

Where's Waldo

What the leftists don’t seem to notice is that a “Where’s Waldo” outfit is not common garb for Trump supporters attending a rally. Rather, it seems more like the type of thing someone would do as a stunt.

The evidence that he was part of or at least supportive of Antifa and other far-left domestic terrorist groups is far greater.

His social media was rife with support for Democrats.

Then, there’s this very strange and clearly demonic video that he had allegedly produced:

Does that seem like the type of content a MAGA guy puts out?

If he does happen to claim to be MAGA, he’s definitely NOT a true America First, Make America Great Again guy. His alleged hideous crimes aside, he has no resemblance to anything one could remotely consider to be a MAGA trait. He’s a poser at best.

But here’s the thing. Whether he is a Trump supporter, a Biden supporter, or an Elvis fan, it doesn’t really matter. He’s a deranged, demonic individual whose worldview clearly lurches away from any common political ideology. The crimes he is accused of committing are not driven by political motivations. He’s mentally ill and was guided by anger, narcissism, and purely evil forces. Whether those forces were imagined through psychosis or driven by outside factors is up for debate.

One theory seems to have legs. The notion that he’s a product of “MK Ultra” or some other brainwashing system is compelling when we look through his social media and watch his videos. He has the characteristics of someone whose mind has been broken. Whether that came as a result of abuse or external nefarious forces is unknown, but it’s possible he’s the latest in a long line of young men driven to mass murder for the sake of driving an agenda.

In a time when eventual gun confiscations seem to be one of the primary goals of the globalist elites, these types of mass murders help drive them closer to achieving their goals.