No Matter How Badly You Think Bill Gates Can Make You Cringe, His Corn Video Is Far Worse

This is bad.

According to The Gateway Pundit:

Gates is featured in the video lip-singing song lyrics sung by a child as he stands in a kitchen wearing t-shirt emblazoned with, “Ask me about corn.”

“It’s corn!” Gates exclaims, as he takes a large bite out of a corn ear. “It has the juice!”

The 27-second video also features a  photo of Gates as a child holding a corncob in a corn field.

Corn “accounts for 30% of the food consumed in Africa. But it is at risk. African crop researchers are creating a new, more resilient type of corn,” the caption on the video states.

When you’re a leader among the depopulationists, there is nothing that can be too cringe. Now multiply that by a thousand and you have Bill Gates.