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Nike, Which Embraces the Genocidal CCP, Dumps Kyrie Irving for Tweeting a Link to Amazon and Clay Travis Has an Idea

The massive hypocrisy that runs rampant throughout woke corporations in America has become an undeniably common problem. Few companies exemplify this phenomenon better than the virtue signalers at Nike. They embrace people like Colin Kaepernick, amplifying his platform over actual NFL quarterbacks.

But their hypocrisy over controversial NBA star Kyrie Irving may be their worst crime to date. They have dumped the player and his iconic shoes over his Tweet that linked to a so-called “antisemitic” film on Amazon.

Meanwhile, they continue to do massive amounts of business with the Chinese Communist Party despite their blatant genocide against the Uyghurs. Conservative sports commentator Clay Travis noticed:

Nike has ended its relationship with Kyrie Irving over “hate speech” but continues its partnership with the Chinese government, which is currently committing actual genocide against Muslims.

Wide open billion dollar market out there for a new shoe company that just says, “I don’t give a fuck what your opinions are on anything, but our shoes are badass.” Sell them direct online. Market them as the uncancelable shoe. Hell, I may have to do it.

The Air First Amendments. Free speech is the new counterculture.

Nothing virtue signals pure wokeness better than a shoe company that endorses genocide of the Uyghurs while condemning a guy who posted an Amazon link. Nike is the epitome of moral incongruity and ethical cognitive dissonance.

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