NIH Scrubbed, Redefined 'Gain-of-Function Research' on Website Two Days Before Releasing Letter Admitting They Funded It

NIH Scrubbed, Redefined ‘Gain-of-Function Research’ on Website Two Days Before Releasing Letter Admitting They Funded It

The National Institute of Health is in the midst of a massive coverup to protect evil bureaucrat Anthony Fauci and themselves from backlash regarding the development of Covid-19. This is being revealed a day after they admitted that Fauci and outbound NIH Director Francis Collins lied to Congress about funding gain-of-function research through EcoHealth Alliance.

Until October 19, a section on gain-of-function research appeared on their website. But that section has been stealth-edited to now focus on “ePPP” research. They are actively and deceptively distancing themselves from the very scientific practice that almost certainly resulted in the development of Covid-19 as a Chinese bioweapon.

According to Jordan Schachtel:

Advancing into even more sketchy territory, the NIH decided this week to stealth edit its website to change the organization’s own definition of gain-of-function.

The National Institutes of Health appears to be engaged in an ongoing misinformation campaign and a coverup of an unprecedented scale. Sure, Fauci lied, but that might only scratch the surface of the ongoing whitewashing campaign advanced by U.S. Government Health institutions.

This is 100% a self-preservation move designed to keep any of the media’s spotlight off their actions that, at the very least, contributed to dangerous scientific research. At worst, the National Institute of Health had an active hand in the development and deployment of a disease that has since become known as Covid-19.

Could this be why Anthony Fauci has remained in the spotlight despite massive evidence that he’s a failure, a liar, and a generally evil person? It’s been challenging to understand why he hasn’t been taken down on numerous occasions based on the multitudes of scandals that surround him. Yet both government and mainstream media continue to prop him up as some sort of savior figure.

At first, it seemed his skills at advancing Pandemic Panic Theater were too valuable to the powers-that-be for them to insert someone less controversial in his place. In light of the current cover-up that’s being perpetrated by the NIH, it now appears that he has remained in the spotlight to be the “expert” who can point cameras away from what the NIH as a whole has been involved with for years. In that function, Fauci is ideal because nobody is more motivated to lie in order to stay out of jail than Anthony Fauci.

If we had an honest corporate media in America, this would be the biggest story of the day. Instead, it will get no mentions by any of the networks and will be swept under the rug so the obedient American public will stay in line.