Nicki Minaj Posts Tucker Carlson Video and Vaxx-Nannies Just Fainted Over It

Nicki Minaj Posts Tucker Carlson Video and Vaxx-Nannies Just Fainted Over It . . .

Hatred towards Christians and conservatives is old news on Twitter. But even the hatred that we choose to endure every day we’re on the “platform” is nothing compared to the hatred towards leftists who have the gall to speak the truth. Singer Nicki Minaj took it a step further by not only sharing the truth, but sharing it using the voice of someone nearly as despised by the left as Donald Trump.

When Minaj Tweeted a video of Fox News host Tucker Carlson defending her, it was like a nuclear bomb of confusion, hatred, threats, and sadness spewing at her from the unhinged left.

There’s no need to repeat any of the 5K+ comments directed at her. And while she did the best she could to respond to some of the more lucid comments, it was overwhelming.

What outrages her fans and critics the most isn’t that she spoke out about personal experiences she and people she knows have had with the so-called “vaccines.” What really chapped their khakis was the fact that she called on people to pray, think for themselves, and not get bullied into taking the jabs for the sake of expediency. It’s an important decision and people should treat it with the same respect they’d give to any life-changing medical procedure.

In all my time covering personalities on the left, I have never witnessed this much courage to stand up against criticism. Leftists often wither under the pressure of fellow progressives dressing them down. Nicki Minaj is doubling down instead. Much respect.