Illegal Aliens

NGOs “Carefully Planned” Mass Illegal Alien Invasion of America, Report Reveals

(Natural News)—America’s porous southern border is not an accident.

A vast network of non-governmental organizations, also known as NGOs, is behind the large-scale illegal alien invasion occurring day in and day out at Mexican entry points into the United States.

As you will see in the maps below, illegal alien migrants are receiving maps, or “mass migration blueprints,” that show them how to break into America via Mexico using the most likely to be effective border crossings known to exist.

“The collapse of the U.S. southern border is the result of a carefully planned and deliberately executed industrial mass migration program,” reported Muckraker, the source claiming responsibility for uncovering the blueprints.

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Doctors Without Borders, Red Cross fueling illegal immigration into America

One of the better-known NGOs that is helping illegal aliens to break the law by entering the U.S. without permission is Doctors Without Borders, which is known as Médicos Sin Fronteras in Spanish.

Doctors Without Borders is handing out said blueprints or maps to the caravans full of illegals who are marching upwards from Central and South America in search of a new American home.

Another NGO working alongside Doctors Without Borders to fuel the illegal invasion into America is The United Nations International Organization of Migration (IOM). IOM’s version of the blueprints contains a map and listing of all the commissions and consulates across Mexico that are available to help the migrants along their journey.

Another Mexican NGO called Amigos Del Tren, known as Friends of the Train in English, is aiding illegals marching towards the southern border by providing them with maps of all the train routes that can take them there more quickly than walking.

The Red Cross is distributing maps similar to those being distributed by Amigos Del Tren, but a step further reaching all the way down into Panama.

“The back gives advice on navigating the mass migration trail,” one media source reported about the Red Cross maps. “One piece of advice given is how to safely ride a freight train. It is advised to avoid riding a freight train if “… you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication that can make you drowsy.'”

Keep in mind that many of these NGOs receive U.S. taxpayer dollars. This means that hard-working American taxpayers are funding their own demise by inadvertently paying for their own country to be invaded by foreigners with no regard for immigration law.

According to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, these and other NGOs “may be engaged in unlawfully orchestrating other border crossings through activities on both sides of the border, including in sectors other than El Paso.”

Check out the following video to see how another NGO known as “Catholic Community Services of Southern Arizona Inc” is also aiding migrants from Guinea in illegally entering the U.S. by airplane.

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