NFL Had 37 Positive Covid-19 Tests Today and Only ONE Was _Unvaccinated_

NFL Had 37 Positive Covid-19 Tests Today and Only ONE Was “Unvaccinated”

It wasn’t a good day for the National Football League’s draconian Covid-19 policies. They should be the shining example of how to handle the coronavirus with over 94% of their players and nearly 100% of their coaches and staff “fully vaccinated.” But being the shining example would require the vaccines to actually work at stopping Covid-19, which they do not. As a result, the league has become the perfect example of the opposite conclusion: Medical tyranny within private industry is a path to failure.

On Monday, the league recorded their highest number of Covid-19 positive tests ever with 37. Of those, only Chicago Bears’ defensive end Mario Edwards was “unvaccinated.” The other 36 should have been protected by being fully-vaccinated in a league with such high vaccination rates, but instead they found themselves grasping for answers about why there are so many of the so-called “rare” breakthrough cases popping up across the league.

The Los Angeles Rams were particularly affected by the surge with their Monday night game against the Arizona Cardinals. According to ESPN:

The Los Angeles Rams were down several starters in a division matchup against the Arizona Cardinals on Monday Night Football after two more players were added to the reserve/COVID-19 list.

The Rams announced that cornerback Jalen Ramsey and tight end Tyler Higbee were added to the list Monday, joining right tackle Rob Havenstein, reserve cornerback Dont’e Deayon and running back Darrell Henderson, who were added over the weekend.

Both Ramsey and Higbee tested positive for COVID-19. Higbee had a positive test followed by two negative tests, a source told ESPN’s Adam Schefter. If his overnight PCR test comes back negative he will come off the COVID list Tuesday, the source said.

So much attention is given to “unvaccinated” players like Green Bay Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers getting Covid, but nobody in corporate media is asking the obvious question: “Why are so many ‘vaccinated’ players getting hit with the coronavirus if the jabs actually work?”

The answer, if course, is that they won’t ask a question in which they won’t like the answer. The vaccines do not work, at least not as a preventative solution. They may offer some benefits as a treatment to reduce symptom severity, but otherwise they’re useless and appear to be more harmful than beneficial to younger people, including athletes.

All of the narratives surrounding the NFL’s Covid-19 policy have been positive from the press despite indisputable failure. That should tell anyone who’s paying attention all they need to know about why the narrative exists and who’s driving it. Big Pharma is controlling the agenda and therefore they’re controlling the NFL’s narrative.

Perhaps Gary Sheffield Jr. summed it up best in a Tweet: