NFL Acknowledges Natural Immunity Without Actually Acknowledging Natural Immunity

The National Football League is in a pickle. They started the season as the poster child for vaxx-nannies across the nation by imposing some of the most draconian Covid protocols imaginable that specifically targeted the unvaxxed. But in doing so, they quickly learned that the inefficacy of the vaccine meant weekly embarrassments as “rare” breakthrough cases proved to be not so rare after all.

This week was particularly hard for the league as a massive surge in infections forced them to postpone three games. Their solution: Acknowledge natural immunity… sort of. In the most NFLish way possible, the league declared their benevolence by giving the multitudes of players infected this week a 90-day “testing holiday” that will extend beyond the Super Bowl. They were even nice enough to extend their generosity to the dreaded unvaccinated folks, though the vast majority of positive tests have come from the “protected” vaccinated players and staff.

According to NBC Sports:

Vaccinated or not, a 90-day testing holiday will apply to all of them. With the Super Bowl fewer than two months away, it means that none of the players who have tested positive this week — more than 150 in all — will be subject to testing or, for unvaccinated players, a five-day absence arising from close contact with an infected person.

That’s the hidden benefit of having the Omicron variant sweep through locker rooms and facilities. Every player who tests positive, from now through the end of the season, won’t be tested again through the end of the season. So they’ll be good to go, for the rest of the regular season and all of the postseason.

Unfortunately, the league nor any of the corporate media reports I read actually acknowledged the reason they can safely do this is because infected people acquire natural immunity that is far more potent at stopping Covid-19 than the vaccines. To do so would be to go way too far off script from the powers that be who have quietly declared the words “natural immunity” to be taboo worthy of excommunication from Big Pharma’s deep pockets.

Reactions have been mixed as this seems to contradict everything the league has been saying all year. On one hand, they’re making the vaxx-nannies upset who fear what could happen to their precious narrative if none of the newly immune folks get sick the rest of the season. On the other hand, the lucid fans are crying foul over the inconsistency in messaging, noting that the only reason the league is doing this is so they won’t lose money or become the laughing stock of all sports by having to postpone more games over a disease they worked so hard to avoid. With over 95% of players and nearly 100% of coaches and staff “fully vaccinated,” all the league has left is their thirst for cash.

It will be fun watching corporate media completely avoid the likely outcome from this move by the NFL. If few or none of the previously infected players get reinfected, what does that say about the efficacy of vaccinating those with natural immunity?