Newsmax Isn't Pushing VAXX Mandate After All, But . . .

Newsmax Isn’t Pushing VAXX Mandate After All, But . . .

Yesterday brought a flurry of conservative anger towards Newsmax, the right-leaning news outlet that has grown steadily over the last year. The issue was a memo sent out by the company to employees informing them of the January 4, 2022 deadline for compliance to the OSHA rule mandating Covid vaccination or weekly testing.

After much backlash, including one of their most popular hosts going on the offensive, the company clarified that it does not support the mandates and was only informing staff about the OSHA rule. According to the new statement:

President Joe Biden’s new OSHA rule requiring businesses to have their employees vaccinated against COVID is a dangerous overreach of federal power and opposed by Newsmax. The new OSHA rule is set to go into effect Jan. 4, 2022. It will require businesses of 100 or more to have all employees fully vaccinated or undergo weekly testing.

Newsmax has no vaccine mandate nor do we require it for employment. We have informed our staff of the upcoming federal rule. At the same time we have notified staff we will create an easy opt-out for any employee who does not want to be vaccinated.

Under the rule, any employee who is not vaccinated will be tested for COVID on a weekly basis. Newsmax is going beyond the OSHA rule to provide free weekly testing on its company premises.

While not endorsing the Biden rule, they’re not fighting it, either. It was also conspicuous that they are offering an opt-out while claiming there is no company mandate. Why do employees need to opt-out of something they claim doesn’t exist? The answer is they will not oppose the rule, so even if they will not create a mandate within the company, they plan on enforcing the rule once it’s in place.

It’s not the stalwart stand for freedom that one might expect from a right-leaning news organization, but at least they’re not embracing the mandate. They plan on following whatever rules get imposed on them without a fuss and will try to help their employees navigate the new normal. It’s a milquetoast take, but business is business.

Show host Steve Cortes is far from milquetoast.

The medical tyranny that has engulfed this nation at every level needs to be fought by patriots who believe in freedom. Far too many seem to be going along to get along in hopes the beast will eat them last. It’s not a good look.