Newsmax Goes Double-Woke With 'VAXX Mandate' for Their 'Holiday Party'

Newsmax Goes Double-Woke With ‘Proof of VAXX’ Required for Their ‘Holiday Party’

“Ignore the science, deny the faith.”

This isn’t an actual quote from anyone at Newsmax, but it has become an unofficial mantra of “woke” businesses across the country. The first part is a new development with Pandemic Panic Theater ruling private company policies. The second is an old, creeping part of the Cultural Marxism that is engulfing this nation.

“Right leaning” news outlet Newsmax embraced both parts of the mantra with their “holiday party” at which proof of vaccination was required. They ignored the science in multiple ways. First, they said that negative Covid tests weren’t accepted, which betrays the common notion that if one is vaccinated they are protected. They are not and many scientists have come to the conclusion that the vaccinated are the real “super spreaders” of the disease.

Second, they completely ignored natural immunity which is the only real protection against Covid-19, especially the Omicron variant.

Third, they took the opportunity to once again be unscientific vaxx-nannies by pushing their employees to take experiment jabs for a disease that poses minimal threat to the vast majority of the population.

They also ignored common sense, or to be more specific, acted like their employees had none. Instead of just admitting that they’re an anti-science company that willfully embraces medical tyranny and happily pushes authoritarianism despite their “right leaning” reputation, they blamed the venue. But as Jordan Schachtel noted when sharing the invitation, they could have easily chosen a different venue for their party.

As for the second “woke” trait — advocating for Cultural Marxism — they did what many companies have chosen not to do in recent years. They had a “Holiday Party,” denying the long-standing tradition of Christmas parties in America by approving of the anti-faith moniker. For decades, American businesses have held Christmas parties. This is not a denial of other religions. It’s a party set to commemorate in a secular nature the season that surrounds Christmastime merriment and a much-needed break from the year.

President Trump worked to slow and stop the creep of the Cultural Marxist gaslighting that engulfed this nation during the Obama years when many companies started making their events “diverse” and not attached the celebrated birth of Jesus Christ. Even companies like Starbucks reversed some of their anti-Christmas policies. But Newsmax is controlled opposition, a news organization that has some conservative stars but that holds within its company DNA an appreciation for the “woke.”

Like Fox News, Newsmax has grown as a “lesser evil” among cable news channels compared to CNN and MSNBC. But patriots need to realize they are just as woke as their competitors. They just disguise it better for market competitiveness.