New Zealand Police State

New Zealand Police Attack Peaceful Mandate Protesters, Violently Arresting Over 120, But Corporate Media Spins It as a “Clash”

Protesters in New Zealand have been camped out in front of Parliament for three days, peacefully protesting the draconian vaccine mandates the government has been imposing. They were part of a convoy that descended on Parliament earlier this week with hopes of pressuring the government to lift their restrictions and return normalcy to the island nation.

After Parliament Speaker Trevor Mallard took the rare step of closing the grounds, police proceeded to arrest 120 people, many of whom were bloodied and dragged from the protests after being beaten for opposing the government’s ironclad rule.

It was a scene one might expect in North Korea or Iran, not in a “civilized” western culture like New Zealand.

The barefoot protesters were given an ultimatum: Leave or be removed. But when the crowd did not disperse, it turned ugly.

Meanwhile, mainstream media is doing everything they can to paint this as a “clash” between protesters and the police. Nearly every video posted on major news outlets selectively displayed the violence without showing what was happening before when protesters were yelling but not engaging physically with police. Boots on the ground report that it was the police who made the first move to spark the “clash.”

This type of action is necessary everywhere mandates are being imposed. Successful lawsuits and civil disobedience are the only things that seem to move government officials. Just don’t expect the fight for freedom to be fairly televised.